design procurement + artisan collaboration

We are design professionals with a keen eye for detail and are hands on to deliver the highest quality design solutions.

We value artisan collaborations to create handmade and handcrafted objects that work towards creating feasible proposals that is financially viable.

Where mass production and machine-like cookie cutter precision influence over economical decision making, Concept Black will make a concerted effort to bring as much human connection into the spaces we create as part of our lifestyle aspiration.



Through direct collaboration with traditional handicraft people, Concept Black creates bespoke interior design elements such as art / feature installations and light fittings using modern design tools infused with innovative traditional techniques . We value this unique skill and human connection, creating a grounded approach which we carry through to our designs.
Concept Black will seek to deliver a homogeneous bespoke design solution by custom designing and procuring furniture / soft furnishing packages through collaboration and industry networking, directly with a manufacturer who has supplied furniture to international clientele. Tried and tested materials are sourced locally and internationally.
Natural stone is one of the widely used building materials with great character, longevity and performance. There is now greater access, better quality control and consistency for commercial applications. Concept Black will work with a natural stone material palette and collaborate with local stonemasons to introduce traditional stone art / stone making into the Australian context, connecting our clients to a rich cultural background
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