Atrium Refurbishment & Fitouts

8 Nicholson Street, Melbourne

Commercial | Interior Design | Architecture

The atrium concept takes inspiration from the Australian landscape and local context where it is re-interpreted in an abstract composition. The atrium becomes the centrepiece and a ‘meeting place’ for 5 levels of office space. 

Environmental cues were subtly introduced into the design through ideas such as light and shadow, the Australian Desert, native gum forests and Melbourne laneway settings.

Our design intent is to use simple materials and repeat them in a different manner, connected by the ‘wave of lights’ as an abstract form of water flow expression to show that water gives life to our environment.

Ground Level

Laneway Culture Mural

Level 1

Melbourne Hoddle Grid

“ The fitout is designed as an installation with narratives of Australian landscape and culture. Light transcending down to the sand and water, the desert, the rock formation, the forest, regeneration, the city and its laneway culture. Each level makes reference to local content and its environment.”

Level 2

Gallery of Gum Trees

Level 3

Twelve Apostles

Level 4

Land Down Under