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About Us




Interior & Architecture Design

Black is the colour that most designers and architects use, although it’s neutral, it has a myriad of applications.

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Our Mission

Concept Black’s strong background in project management coupled with a flair for innovation and technology, makes us versatile in delivering projects regardless of size and complexity. Our goal is to be a ‘safe pair of hands’ that business partners can always rely on. 

We draw upon our experience in developing engaging design processes to assure every project meets the brief, is financially feasible and make the process seamless and enjoyable for all stakeholders.

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What Our Clients Say

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Design Process

The focal point of our lifestyle-inspired design philosophy is our client and a functional design outcome. 

We approach every project with fresh thinking and an open mind to achieve our client’s vision and aspirations. 

Ultimately, our clients are our greatest co-creators.



Our design philosophy encompasses lifestyle and work-style aspirations from a modern interpretation of traditional values, including art, culture and connection to nature.



Concept Black implement best practice architectural standards, industry experience & knowledge and use of the latest IT & management tools in day to day running of projects & tasks. 


Authentic Experience

We believe that every project  should be designed beyond  the physical shell and interior  space.  The affinity of colours,  materials, aesthetic and finishes  should extend to soft furnishing,  branding and everyday objects. 


Immersive Design

Immersive Design workflow allows our clients, end-users, designers & collaborators to experience building design and interior spaces through real-time simulation & interaction.  

We foster high collaboration and client engagement to develop appropriate responses to briefs and create smart design solutions and economically sustainable development. We value the humanization design approach that often involves a combination of art, culture, innovation, technology. 

Our creative focus is to design architecture and interior spaces as curated handcrafted objects from concept to completion. We approach design and procurement holistically whilst producing cutting edge and unique design.

Engaging with clients and the project team is paramount to our design ethos. We believe in a collaborative process that draws upon everyone’s collective contribution and skill to create well considered solutions.

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Willem is an architect with over 20 years of experience working on commercial, residential, hospitality / interior architecture, retail design and public spaces. He has worked on and delivered various large & complex projects locally and internationally.

Willem’s experience has seen him develop a strong reputation for his resourcefulness and ability to work with clients collaboratively throughout the design and construction process, demonstrating a high level of dedication and care for the project outcome.

With these demonstrated skills and technical abilities, his strengths in client management, organization and contract administration make him an all-rounder project leader and designer, with projects often resulted in creative solutions.

With a solid grounding in all areas of architecture, interior design and construction detailing, Willem is versatile in developing design solutions from schematic design to the construction phase.

Director's Note

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