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Betwixt Cafe Ceramic Crockery

45 Sturt Street, Southbank

Hospitality | Interior Fitout | Crockery Design | Furniture Design

The ceramic design is about creating memorable moments that customer could relate to – using colour, shape (that fits in the palm of hands) as well as unique shape that customer would remember with its custom restaurant & venues logo embedded into the design.

The handmade process makes each individual item different to the others, the way the colour is layered and the shape of each object is slightly different – expressing the views that everything doesn’t have to be identical / perfectly the same to create balance.

“ We tailor-make everyday objects like we design our space.

It starts with handsketch/es, making sure the design is simple, in good proportion, symmetry & malleable. The rest falls into place with the client’s input & brief, branding, finishes, colours and other details necessary. We manage the procurement process from design, shop drawings, sampling, quality check, packaging, transit and site delivery. ”

2 Squares copy no BG