Betwixt Cafe Restaurant

45 Sturt Street, Southbank

Interior Design | Branding | Design Procurement

Betwixt is a Japanese French Fusion Café Bar located at Sturt St, University of Melbourne’s Linear Park Southbank Arts Precinct campus. Concept Black’s design approach is to transform performance arts into culinary experience that show individuality and quality of the space.

The bar takes the centre stage of the restaurant, serving various dining spaces as well as day and night services. The Show Kitchen creates a place of interest and vibrant activity around it captures the relationships are between the performer and audience.

“ Betwixt – the contemporary Japanese eatery inspired by Shakespearean’s play which sees it hosting various patrons and dynamic day/night transition in the heart of Southbank’s Arts Precinct. The conceptual drivers take cues from the performing arts and theatre scene by creating a series of ‘places of interest’ that engage patrons senses as they move through the space at different times of day & seasons. ”