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Immersive Design

Virtual Reality

Using VR to create an immersive design experience for our clients.

Immersive design review allows clients and designers to experience building design and interior spaces in a way never seen before. It provides better spatial understanding than a static artist’s impression image could – it is truly an immersive experience. 

Augmented reality enables our clients to partake in a unique sensory experience that allows them to be more involved in the design process and observe various design nuances that can get lost in static images.

Virtual reality and augmented reality create live simulations and interactions for real-time feedback. Concept Black’s workflow facilitates end-user and clients to see what the space looks like with this technology.

We also made technology & innovation upgrade in our architectural practice with Immersive Design workflow and Virtual Walkthrough.  These steps create efficiency with design process and further cost and time savings to our clients & projects.

Photo Survey

Created internally using our in house equipment, we can capture full 360 image of any space and setup virtual walkthough anytime.

This immersive design tool allows for accurate record keeping and a unique virtual viewing experience.

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3D Printing

We utilize in-house 3D printers to create scaled mock-up samples/shapes for any feature design. This works as an innovative solution for custom projects or client branding in furniture, loose fittings, office accessories and ceramic crockery. The information is extracted from the 3D model and printed for project review.

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360 Camera Perspective

Using a state-of-the-art high resolution 360 camera and the latest 3D survey equipment, we streamline the process and management of information such as existing survey, dilapidation, measurements and record construction processes for our clients. 

3D architectural walkthroughs combine 3D modelling, visualization, animation, music, and storytelling which result in an emotional connection with the viewer and the development/space. We utilise Matterport immersive technology to create a 3D virtual walkthrough that allows our clients to visualise a space in real-time. This technology enables seamless conversion of a scanned space into a 3D model file ready for BIM integration and design development work.

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